"simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication." - leonardo da vinci

i have the most serious of girl crushes ugh

i have the most serious of girl crushes ugh

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20 more days.

39 more days ( + 21, it will have been 60 days).

42 more days.

random late night rants, but-

as much as i love to call nashville my home, i loathe the fact that there’s always a chance i could run into all those frustrating, awkward & overly-dramatic experiences from my high school days.

it really brings me to a point where i want to rub it in certain faces of how much better i’ve been doing since leaving this city, but that’s something i will struggle with silently. humbleness, you are truly difficult to acquire in times like these.

everything feels stagnant, as of late, and i can’t of anything that’ll change it back to the way it used to be. maybe this is normal, maybe this is not.